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What’s a good music studio?

Music as many says it is a solution to many of the hurdles we experience in our day-to-day experiences. Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. It inspires, educates and comforts just to mention a few. Certain songs transport us mentally making our thoughts wander in unknown spaces of fantasy, others move us emotionally, and many produce a physical response, from the need to start tapping our foot to wanting to twirl about a room. In short, Music is a world within itself / with a language, we all understand. Finding good music in the streaming platforms is an awesome feeling but finding a music studio that is putting out bangers is something to make you eager because it inches you closer to realizing your dream if your heart is in music artistry.

Shamz Media is a music production entity that lies in the outskirts of Nairobi. It is a well-known studio that has caused many people to talk because of the touch of exquisite, excellent services and top-notch personnel who gets the services delivered. There is something for every listener here.  Shamz media is specialized in sound recording, mixing and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances video production, podcast, spoken words, and other sounds. As an artist with a focus on the mentioned services, you need to bring your dream into existence by getting your projects handled by our media company. The music studio is dependent on traditional core services such as recording, mastering, mixing, production and studio rental whereby it is vertically integrated and offers “360º music industry service hubs where artists can record, distribute and promote their music all in the same place. Rehearsal spaces have been the most vulnerable during COVID-19 as there is no viable alternative to physical services. Shamz media has mitigated the risk whereby you can adequately book your rehearsal session.

With the new music being released regularly, determining whether your music will connect with an audience or not may depend on how it is marketed. Your challenge as an artist is to put your often deeply personal and emotional songs out there for the world to consume in a measured, strategic way.  This can be actualized at Shamz media through the following strategies.


Developing your Social media marketing strategy


Whether you’re trying to get the word out about a new release, or getting people to show up to your performances, social media is a tool you can use to narrow down who might like your music. From there you can reach out to those people directly. Shamz Media will create a plan to market your music, identify the platforms you’re comfortable with and use regularly. Then craft some meaningful social media content. This could include behind-the-scenes videos, themed posts, and non-music content to help develop your story.


Send your music to the press outlets


The team at Shamz media will get your music to different media outlets in a way to promote it. This will help build momentum and reach as many listeners as possible. Media tours are essential in letting the artist project out to other spaces. Concerts and events are also other channels through which an artist song will be distributed to the listeners through which it will be upon the media company to play a role for such to come into effect


Cultivating a community around your fan base


To ensure that you’ve got a fanbase that will remain interested in your music, take your fan engagement further. It’s easier than ever to reach fans directly, but first, decide which music tools are best for you. This is essential for keeping your existing fans looped in and interested in what you’re doing. Be hands-on, and build relationships with your fans. Start with your mailing list. Engage on social media. Try selling merch online, or at work at the table after your show to be sure you chat with the audience. Put some emphasis on a sense of community with your fans, and this will help you create a narrative where everyone is interested and engaged. In turn, this community will rally around your upcoming shows, listen and share your music, and support you in your projects. This will be made possible with the engagement of the shamz media team


Determine your fan base


To create a marketing strategy that will reach the widest audience possible, you will first want to find out who your fans are. To do this, look for details such as where your audience is based, how old they are, and where they spend time online.


Knowing who your audience is can help you build a marketing strategy that more accurately reaches them. Plus, if you’re targeting people who are interested in your music, your marketing efforts will go further than if you’re missing the mark and promoting to people who are tuned out.To figure out who these fans are, make use of the analytics available to you. This will be achieved through your affiliation with the best music studio in town which is Shamz Media

By Edwin Nyukuri.

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