We create music by layering together different sounds, rhythms, and melodies. It’s a critical component of many genres of music, including Afrobeat, Hip-hop, EDM, and pop.

Overall, beat-making with us is a fun and rewarding process that allows you to express your creativity and create unique music that reflects your personal style as an artist.


Recording music in Kenya has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growth of the music industry and the availability of digital recording technology.

We are a professional recording studio in Kenya that offers high-quality recording services. Kenya also has a vibrant music scene with many talented musicians and producers.

We provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase and record their music. Recording music is an exciting and dynamic process, with many opportunities for artists to create and share their music with the world.


The mastering process is essential to create a final mix that is ready for the audience. Mastering is the art of polishing your music and making it sound like it was professionally recorded in a studio. It prepares your song for duplication or online distribution while ensuring a uniform sound across a project. This mastering service ensures your music is suitable for distribution on any internet platform.

Our clients enjoy the affordable convenience of having their songs mixed and mastered at the same facility they have trusted over and over. Our rooms are stocked with the most popular digital mastering plugins and software allowing our Miami mastering engineers to achieve the best results. Mastering can be done with or without the client in attendance. Please inquire about mastering for full details.


Hear the difference and design your sound with high-quality mixing. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. In this industry, it helps to have a high-quality product that really ‘sounds’ good. The sound of your recording says a lot about who you are as an artist. Get your music mixed by the best mix engineers in Shamz Media. We are proud to have a staff of award-winning Sound mix engineers available to bring your song to life.

Our rooms are designed for mixing with the highest levels of acoustic performance. Our world-famous SSL consoles are known for their rock-solid deep bass, crystal clear highs, and a very articulate midrange while never sounding harsh. It adds mojo or magic to any sound that goes through it. Our mastering grade Barefoot MM27/s speakers are tuned for the most accurate listening experience.


You can produce excellent voice-over projects with a professional recording studio for all assignments. The studio acts as the all-inclusive production occurs. In our studio, we have the right tools, and the quality of the audio clips produced will be captivating. Such quality audio clips have a direct positive impact on a voice artist’s life and meet any brand’s advertising needs.

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